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evalper is an innovative, out of the box mobile app solution for all your performance evaluation needs.

Amazing Features

evalper is an amazing tool for conducting performance evaluation in your business, either be it an evaluation of the projects, contractors, people etc.

Evaluation Forms

Create your own evaluation forms with individual score weightage in the admin portal. Provide the access to the evaluators for scoring .

Provide Score

The evaluators can view the evaluation forms/survey forms and provide their score from the mobile app. Simple and quick.

Generate Reports

Several reports can be generated based on the values provided and the scoring weightage. KPI’s can be defined and monitored.

Mobile Devices

evalper mobile app has 3 modules with with the whole performance evaluation can be created, evaluated and monitored.

Questionnaire: Generate custom questionnaire for your project with multiple pages and unlimited questions. Each choice of the answer can have a weightage defined.

Evaluation : The evaluators with their mobile app can answer the question for a specific performance measure. The scoring weightage will be applied automatically and will be saved for reports.

Management Team : Management team can monitor the realtime progress of the evaluations, productivity of the team. The management team can also see the evaluation reports and analytics.

Graphical reports across the modules with in the mobile can provide the users with complete insights of responsibilities, progress and other insights.

Reports & Analytics

Evalper primarily provides two categories of reports. One for monitoring the evaluation process itself and another for viewing the evaluation reports for the questionnaires.

The ultimate goal of evalper is to simplify the performance evaluation process and automate the manual tasks that are part of this evaluation. Evalper provides the following reports to manage and monitor performance evaluation.

  • Evaluation reports for each specific performance measure.
  • Overall performance report across all performance criteria/measure.
  • Custom defined project KPI reports.
  • Performance evaluation process progress reports.
  • Productivity reports of the team members.

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Evalper app comes with a list of auxiliary services to keep the users updated.

Email Support

Our support team is there to help you to listen to your requirements and respond to that immediately.

User Friendly

Our evalper app is very user friendly and  the users can access all the features with just few clicks.


Keep the users updated and the communication across the teams are managed with notifications.


By continuous monitoring of the progress & automating the process, evalper increases the productivity.


Evalper is available in the two major platforms iOS and Android to make it accessible for the users.

Cost Control

Evalper saves about 60% of your typical software costs for the performance evaluation requirements.

Great Pricing Plans

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  • $50
  • per month
  • Billed Annually

  • One time setup fee $200
  • 20 Gb Bandwidth

  • Up to 20 Users

  • Email Support

  • $100
  • per month
  • Billed Annually

  • Free Setup
  • 50 Gb Bandwidth

  • Up to 100 50 Users

  • Email Support

  • $150
  • per month
  • Billed Annually

  • Free Setup
  • 100 Gb Bandwidth

  • Up to 100 Users

  • Email Support

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Evalper is available in both iOS and Android platforms.

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